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This website was created to help parents and student-athletes make the transition to college sports as fluid and easy as possible. The content available to the TCSNation is a testament to the knowledge obtained by top coaches, trainers, athletic directors and the like.    

Podcast Session #013 is now live!

Session #013 features an interview with Ashley McDonough, Head Coach, Women’s Volleyball ~ Knox College.   In this particular session, you will learn;  The pros and cons of playing & coaching at a smaller institution. Best advice for parents and student-athletes from Ashley’s perspective. How Ashley recruits for prospective players. What type of music your video submission should not contain.

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Podcast Session #010 is here!

Session #10 features an interview with Dr. Jim Taylor, an internationally recognized authority on the psychology of performance in, business, sport, and parenting.   In this particular episode, you will learn;  What is the right time to introduce sports psychology to a student-athlete. What makes some thrive under pressure while others seem to crumble. How does Dr. Taylor feel about rest and healing as it relates to sports psychology.  The psychological effects on the aging athlete. Do ‘helicopter parents’ help or hurt the mindset of the student-athlete.  

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Podcast Session #012 is now available!

Session #12 features an interview with Tim White, Athletic Trainer, University of Michigan, Sports Psychology Coach, Strength Conditioning Coach and, Owner of Whitehouse Athletics.   In this particular episode, you will learn;  The mental aspects of injury and rehabilitation as it relates to student-athletes. Tim’s thoughts on rest. Are student-athletes being pushed too much with year-round training? We discuss Tim’s recent blog series, ‘The Victim Mentality’ Tim shares real life cases of how he has helped athletes through severe injuries.


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Podcast session #009 is now live.

In this session of the Tackling College Sports Podcast, Chris and I chat with Steve Gladstone, Head Coach of Yale’s Heavyweight Men’s Crew.   In this particular episode, you will learn:   Steve and his rowers just won the 150th Harvard-Yale Regatta by an amazing 16.7 seconds. How the sport of rowing differs here in the U.S. versus some of the prolific countries. What type of contact Steve prefers from prospective recruits. What one could expect rowing for an Ivy League school –  also, get Steve’s take on sports psychology.


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Podcast session #011 is now available!

Session #11 features an interview with Dr. Steven Broglio, Associate Professor, Kinesiology / Director, NeuroTrauma Research Laboratory ~ University of Michigan.  Dr. Broglio is also affiliated with the Michigan Injury Center.   In this particular episode, you will learn;  The current state of concussion research Proper protocol for a concussed athlete Thoughts on imPACT testing Which sports see the most concussion Best practices for student-athletes and parents.


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TCS Session: #008 is now available!

In session 008, we speak with Tom Stebbins, Head Coach for the UCLA Women’s Diving Team.   In this particular episode you will learn:   Tom’s background as a diver and how he got into coaching, what he looks for when recruiting student-athletes, how he feels about the constant connection to mobile devices, the best ways to contact a coach, advice for parents and student-athletes, transitioning to college level sports, and Tom’s favorite New Haven pizza joint.


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